cosmojazz a chamonix
Spok orchestra in Cosmojazz Chamonix

COSMOJAZZ Festival de Chamonix

"From the Croix Rousse Moraine hills formed when Alpine glaciers once reached down to Lyon, where I yelled my first cry on the Croix Rousse in overcast weather, you can see the Mont Blanc.

Like a salmon going back to its source, I came back to the Valley of Chamonix to rediscover the glaciers of my childhood.

But the glaciers are retreating every day.

Therefore, with musicians from the Himalayas, the Caucasus and the Sinai, we decided from the roof of Europe, to invoke the spirits of the mountains to restore dialogue between man and nature.

Make the thousand year old granite walls vibrate… play with the echo of an ice cave… accompany the flight of an eagle at the piano… listen to a saxophone solo nestled in a pass in front of the Mont Blanc… create a dialogue between a Tibetan trumpet, an alpine horn and a Caucasus duduk, accompany hikers while carrying your musical instrument to the mountain lake where everyone will sit and listen to the dialogue of a Nepalese flute and Hang, reconnecting with the minerals’ spirits.

Welcome to this journey of initiation.
Because there is nothing more beautiful than a sunset on a glacier in summer .
Because musicians are happy when they are free.
Because they come from all corners of the globe to try to reconcile man and nature in a magical moment.
Because from up there, the view over the town is much more beautiful ..."

André Manoukian


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